Leading design efforts on Adobe’s new capability — Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Key Role: Designing and launching various features across Segments, Profiles, and Identifies for Adobe Experience Platform. Scaling design by developing pattern and accessibility guidelines for the design organization.

Copilot Platform

At Condé Nast, I design the UX and UI for our in-house CMS — Copilot.

Key Role: In charge of user research and prototype making to help the team decide on a MVP; conducted user testing to evaluate hypotheses; and occasionally implemented styling in code.

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Search & Navigation Redesign

To improve the fundamental UX of the platform, we decided to optimize the searching experience where most user time and actions were spent on.

Previous Design & IA

The navigation was divided based on two main actions: search and create with all the content unorganized which required users to click through many filters.

Proposed Design & IA

After combing through the content types across multiple brands, I proposed a new IA that organized the content types into 4 main buckets. It was tested and well agreed upon by product and users.

The separation of the content types allows users to focus on the different types of information.

We then introduced the collapsible left-nav-bar component to incorporate future extensibility.

A Visual Upgrade

To enhance the readability and user-friendliness of the platform, I proposed a new visual system to the team. I started with a moodboard with a strong aviation theme to solidify the brand identity.

Beyond the re-skinned visuals, the main goal for this project was to apply best UI practices, such as clarifying the actionable items.

The new icon design

SEO Score Card

We developed a tool embeded inside the CMS to help editors optimize SEO on their content. Our survey showed a 87% satisfactory rate from the users. One user said she felt empowered to workshop ideas inside Copilot with the SEO Score Card.

Category Picker

To help editors better organize their content as well as to prepare for future machine learning training, we developed the category-picker component that includes the ability to reorder the relevancy.


A design exercise to showcase my design thinking and process.

Key Role: User Interface Design, Visual Design, Art Direction

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View clickable prototype

Try the following tasks when clicking through the prototype:

  1. Search for a drill and finish the rental process
  2. Post a tool you want to lend to others

You may also see a complete list of the UI screens here.

Brand Assets

To learn about the process, please read the Medium Post.

Condé Nast Traveler

Introducing the Condé Nast Traveler city guides with connoisseur curated itineraries.

Key Role: Researched and defined user personas; produced concepts and wireframes; created designs following the brand’s visual language.

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We collected site visitors' demographics and composed them into stories for personas.

We then broke down the travel process into stages and defined opportunities for user engagement.

I created early stage wireframes and visual mockups.

Since maps are a key element to the city guide, we made sure the interaction was simple and clear for both mobile and desktop.

Architectural Digest

A responsive website redesign to empower editors and create engaging storytelling experiences.

Key Role: Main UX designer from research, IA, concepts, wireframes, to QA in code.

The redesign has increased AD's digital audience by 67% along with editorial strategy.

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Defined new opportunities through stakeholder interviews and user analytics.

I conducted a card sorting exercise with the editorial team to re-organize site structure.

The homepage was designed to enable editors to use photography to create an immersive experience.

Condé Nast Engineering Blog

Designed and style-coded the company's blog site for the engineering team.

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See other iterations

I presented the 3 iterations below to the engineering team before we landed on the current design.

To celebrate the very first blog post written by our VP of Engineering, I created this gif for his post.

Graphics / Branding

I enjoy creating simple graphics that tell compelling stories.

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Coffeed Diagram

Coffeed is a charity-focused coffeehouse. They source the produce from Brooklyn Grange, the rooftop farm on top of where COFFEED is located, as well as donating coffee grounds for compost. Fascinated by this micro ecosystem, I designed this diagram to help promote their sustainable coffee drinking culture.

Sundays Logo Design

Sundays is a nail studio focusing on wellness. The logo aims to resonate with the brand's high-quality, clean, and simple image.

Copilot / Autopilot T-shirt Designs

My secret job at Condé Nast — swag production.

I have designed 8 company t-shirts for various occasions: website redesign and internal project launches, as well as for the company's summer party.


Slade Architecture Summer Party Poster

Copilot Logo Geometry Cleanup

Meat Cut Diagram for Kitchen Cabinet Covers

Industrial Design Work

I ♥ wood.

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The Moment / Read the thesis

Chalkboard Turning Table

Toby / Mobile Toy Storage

About Yaya

Product Designer focusing on optimizations and scalable designs

I help teams launch products validated by user feedback iteratively. I like to take inspirations from art, nature, and history.

  • Currently designing data platforms at Adobe
  • Designed a content publishing platform for 12 brands at Condé Nast
  • 6 years of experience in user-centered design and research in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Graduated from Industrial & Interaction Design at Syracuse University
  • A Gesamtkunstwerk believer
  • Delightfully nerdy.


Senior Product Designer @ Adobe

OCT 2017 - FEB 2020

Experience Designer @ Adobe

SEP 2014 - APR 2017

Product Designer @ Condé Nast

FEB 2013 - MAY 2014

Designer / Marketing @ Slade Architecture